Belongings list and recommend goods

Backpacking is all about having the essentials and no more. And you need to be wise enough to judge if you really need what you already listed. Here are some recommendations for those who are bit worried about rather long list of the “essentials”. For clothes, do not overload with piles of clothes and take few good quality ones for different occasions. Good examples include light shirt and polo shirt, fleece, sport wears, and waterproof clothes.


Cottons are easy to clean and dry, and take one wool layer if the temperature could be low. Swimwear is good to have too. Never take jeans for warm climate as they are way too hot, never get dry and are simply heavy. For shoes, sandals or flip-lops are very useful especially when you go for a shower and walk around in a dorm and a common space at hostels. You should bring towels too, preferably microfiber ones as they are thin, light, and dry quickly. Light sleeping liner would be just sufficient so do not bring your sleeping bag. Water bottle will keep you hydrated and you don’t need to waste plastics. Other things people tend to forget is, torch, locks, a first-aid kit and a hand sanitiser.


Torch is incredibly handy for nights and dark roads, so are the locks to protect your belongings, the kit for any small injuries, and hand gel for your hygiene especially where no water is available. If you have, unlocked basic phone will be a great asset to use it locally without flashing your expensive smartphone. And finally pack your book to keep you entertained, it can be swapped with or given to someone after you finish!