Beyond the way of the border by land

What should you really know when crossing a land border? First of all, there are certain things you should be doing before even getting to the border point. You should start with doing a good research on the area and location of the border you will be crossing. Try to almost memorise the name of streets as you can easily lost your notes. Popular guide books have decent information on this including which border points are rather dangerous, and hence should be avoided.


You should also know necessary immigration fees and visa. It often depends on your nationality which documents are required and how fees are applied. Having enough cash (and you better check at which currency you are supposed to pay) is crucial. When you get there, always hold your important documents tightly with yourself, instead of putting them at the bottom of your bag. Although simple, this will keep the process to go smoothly and you won’t need to sweat or be panicking.


Next point would be quite specifically to those who are travelling to less developed regions. Try to plan well for the transport to and from the border point as you would be expected to go through the border on foot, and from there you would be all alone until you find the next transport to reach the city. Finally but not least, always stay safe. Do not flash your expensive item or put travel documents in your back pockets. Identify border control officers at an early stage if you can, and ask questions to get through the border correctly. Stand straight and look confident even if you are not, your behaviours speak more than anything.