Etiquette during Ramadan

So it is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and you are about to take off to a Muslim country. I hope you know that you chose this Muslim’s holy month after at least some research, because you should and you might regret for life if you don’t know what it takes.

For the very basic, the bottom line is that during Ramadan, Muslim people cannot eat, drink, smoke, or have sex from the moment sun goes up until it goes down. But the intensity of the practice can vary countries to countries, and even the schedules might be slightly different.

In general, however, do avoid eating and drinking (even chowing gums for its matter) in public as much as you can, and show that you appreciate their traditions by putting some effort. Check what are the absolute DON’Ts, because you could be arrested for some actions even if you are not Muslim yourself. Also, plan your bucket list carefully as most of the businesses will be affected by Ramadan.

Less people are on duty and food won’t be widely available. You might get stuck in one place for long too, as everything get slow down during this time and transports are not an exception. You would also want to dress conservatively. Do not show a lot of skins and avoid unnecessary accessories too.

Now you feel like you can’t enjoy your stay? Absolutely wrong. Ramadan is more than just fasting, it is about improving behaviours, being generous, kind and sympathetic to others on a planet. Witnessing such a dedication to become better human kinds, for sure Ramadan will make your experience something unusual and truly fascinating.