How to find cheap hotel

Travel lovers believe that they know the best possible deals for their stay. But how many of those people actually look into deals by deals to find the real bargain? Not so much, actually. Today there are many price comparison websites for flight tickets and hotels which promise you to get the cheapest deals. However, the British newspaper The Guardian researched the credibility of such claim and found little evidence for their “best price guarantee”.

This should be mainly due to the commissions the hotels need to pay for the websites, and this is why you should check different websites to see the real price you can reach. You can start with putting the area you want to stay in your search engine.

Once you pick some names of cheap hotels from the comparison websites, next you put the names of the hotels directly to the search engine to compare the price between several websites including the hotel’s own website. When searching for vacancies, allow yourself to be flexible on dates if you can. Sometimes one day can make a huge difference in prices. Also, think what you can compromise to get cheaper deals. Rooms without amenities or fancy buffet breakfast can be gained at much lower price. If the website shows no vacancies or appears slightly above your budget, you should not give up easily either. Polite negotiation can win you a decent room.

Before confirming your payment online, ask yourself if there are any discounts you can use. You might not be a student anymore, but your company might be a member of certain institutions you never knew.