How to move by land

Although using low cost airline companies have become a norm for travelling nowadays, airplanes do not always turn out to be the best option. The biggest hassle of taking flights is where the airports are located. Normally airports are in the suburbs and you have to get at least one transport method to reach the centre. So what would be the reasonable alternative transport methods? Well, I would like to talk about trains to start with.

Trains are usually easy to take and stations are most of the times clearly marked in a universal way. You should be aware of which train, and more precisely which cargo, you are getting onto though, as not all of trains or the cargos with the right direction would stop at your station. If you like to make your transport as part of your fun travel experience, look for overnight trains. The unusual view of constantly moving sceneries will be in front of you as you wake up. Another major transport would be buses and they tend to have more reasonable price ranges than trains.


However, buses are not as comfortable as trains and built-in toilets are often out of order. They can hardly on time in certain places so consider it only to save money if you are not so hurry. Oh and be sure of the bus stops, and never ride before confirming with drivers where it’s heading to. Other option might be cycling for comparably short distance, but do figure out if there are good and safe cycling paths first and plan it well in advance. Necessary items would include repairing equipment, high-visibility clothes and decent maps for a start. If none of these are convincing, then go out there and hitchhike, although it still requires some know-how to do it right!