How to ride a plane overseas

If you are worried about taking a domestic flight or using different airports overseas, you shouldn’t. There are not so many differences in airports anyway as otherwise there will be too much confusion. Nevertheless, if you will be using an unfamiliar airport which is located in rather remote area, then some of the tips here could be useful. First of all, always, always, always be on time and even make sure you arrive earlier than you normally would.


This is because you are not familiar with the traffic and the liability of the local transport to the airport. One of my friends who was supposed to take off from the smallest airport in Mexico booked a taxi which never arrived and the buses she took instead diverted its routes because of the road work. It is also good to arrive early because there might be an extra security checks or extra paper work such as a departure card for you to complete. To confirm the gate number is also crucial because not all the airports navigate them well. When you get to the airport, locate a helpdesk or information centre as soon as possible and check the uniform of the airport staff whilst waiting.


These people are the one you can seek help, and it is good to know it to have a peace in mind. One thing that would be worth mentioning is that you might see people in uniforms but seem to just wander around. If one of them approach you to offer you help bringing your luggage to the ticket desk, do not fool yourself to take it as part of airport service. They do work at the airport but only there to escort nicely in order to earn the generous tips from foreigners.