How to take the passport

Your luggage is packed and your travel insurance sorted. Now you look at your passport carefully and feel the sudden decline of blood pressure; the expiry date was within a couple of month. You think it’s just an ironic joke, but apparently often happens for lazy and careless travellers. If you don’t have a passport but are planning to go to your first ever holiday overseas, then start your application now. It will certainly not be issued overnight, and you would need other administrative documents such as the proof of residency, which, again, cannot be obtained in 5 minutes from Kiosk.


Research what you need and prepare them without a missing item and your local authority would be able to help you through. Your passport photo has a very strict policy, so get a correct information and do not waste your time or money on wrong size or wrong background colour ones. When your passport is ready, you should better go and collect it in person. I have so many friends chose to get it posted and never received it. If you already possess your passport, check the expiry date before even planning your holiday. Normally, you are not allowed to travel when it expires in less than 6 months. For those who travel a lot also might want to double check if you still have some blank pages left for the immigration stamps and visas. If you don’t, then you have to request more of those. You are entitled to travel only when a proper travel document is ready. This simple fact should not be treated lightly.