Keep on overseas travel insurance

Some people are never bothered to take travel insurance for their travelling. However, it is always recommended to have at least the basic one when you go beyond the borders.

But when the travel beginners try to get insured with little knowledge or research, they aren’t always fully aware of what they are signing up for. Many travel insurance companies, including ones for backpackers, offer various range of packages with attractive price.

But read the policy documentations very carefully, and check what is covered and what not. Their wordings tend not to match our commonly used terms in daily lives either. Normally they have their valuable limits and strictly categorise what would be ‘valuable’ or not. Not all the items you would bring can be insured either, so you better double check if you are planning to travel with your favourite sunglasses, for example.

Instead of looking for a separate travel insurance, credit card companies offer reasonable packages if you are planning to use the card on abroad. What would be covered may depend on the kind of the card you have, and it can be upgraded if your balance meets their criteria. However, it would not be the best option if you are going for more than 3 months.

If you are travelling more than one countries, it is better to confirm their policies whether the same level of coverage would apply to all of your destinations. And if you encounter emergencies or lost your properties, keep the official records such as receipt as you need them to claim your right.